A View from the Millennium Tower!

The Millennium Tower is a landmark development at Charlotte Quay overlooking Grand Canal Dock in the heart of the Dublin Docklands. Built in 2000, number 47 has stunning views but was in tired condition as in its original condition. The property was sold for €540,000 as an investment property. In its closing condition the rental value was approximately €2,000 per month. Owen Reilly recommended Think Contemporary to the purchaser (an Irish investor living overseas) to fully refurbish the property to target corporate tenants.

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Do you know your style?….Mid Century

Good Morning!

Continuing on with our “know your style” series, we are going to be looking at Mid Century design this week.  Mid Century furniture and design has had somewhat of a revival over the last few year and not just in interiors. We have also seen a strong resurgence in fashion.

I have to say that I am a huge fan of vintage furniture and have indulged in some beautiful pieces for my own home, but whether its here to stay, I’m not quite sure….

Check out some of our favourite mid century inspired interiors:
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6 Decorating mistakes that will make your house feel smaller.

Good Morning,

I think that its fairly safe to say that for most of us, this is the time of year that we declutter, renovate and redecorate. So, when it comes to optimising the space in your home, every inch counts. After all, a home that feels cluttered can have a huge impact on the function and aesthetic appeal of the spaces in your property.
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Updating your office space? Things you should think about.


With many of us spending the vast majority of our time at work, it’s important that your office space is inviting, accommodating and practical. In fact, the average employee has been known to spend more time in the office than they do at home!

Of course, it’s super important that your office is a space that you actually enjoy spending time in. After all, a happy workspace instantly increases productivity, mainly because your surroundings can have a huge impact on your mood and general happiness.

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“Spring has Sprung” – this seasons hottest interior design trends.

Good Morning,

With every new season comes a catalogue of new and exciting interior design trends that are perfect for uplifting your favourite living and working environments. After all, whether you’re at work or home, it’s important that the spaces that you spend most of your time in reflect your personality whilst also being stylish, comfortable, and inviting. From new and exciting colour ways through to an eclectic range of designs, patterns and styles, this year is all about updating your living spaces to reflect the new season. And there’s an awful lot to be excited about, as this season is bursting with a whole host of exciting trends that are accessible, versatile, and able to accommodate a wide range of living and working environments – allowing you to enhance and update the spaces you spend the most time in.

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A Rainbow of Colour from the Movies!

Good Morning!!!

So this week, I want to continue in the vain of colours but expanding on it a little more. While speaking with a potential client during the week, we discovered a really fantastic resource for colour palettes….movies. And with all the talk of the Oscar nominations this week, it seemed very fitting. However, there is one particular film director that seems to work with colour palettes like no other and that’s Wes Anderson.

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“Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2016”

Happy New Year!!!! I hope you had a lovely break over the Christmas and you are now nice and rested going into 2016. Every January we look at Pantone’s colour of the year, and this year they couldn’t decided on one colour…. so they have named two. Rose Quartz and Serenity, which surprised us here in the studio a bit, as the colours for the last few years were bold and vibrant and this years colours are muted and subdued.

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Exciting New “Showhouse!”

Good Afternoon!

So, we have been very busy in the studio over the last few weeks, working on some really exciting projects.

One such project was the showhouse in the new housing development in Clongriffin, “Bell Tree,” from Gannon Homes which was launched this weekend. We have been lucky enough to work with Gannon Homes on quite a few projects and this is our 6th showhouse to complete for them.

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Fancy Sleeping Here?

Good Morning!

Well I hope that you are not tired of the bedroom, as I have one more inspirational newsletter to share with you. We have already looked at some of our favourite bedroom interiors, but on reflection most of these were a bit more on the quirkier side. So, we wanted to have a look at the more contemporary and simple style bedrooms that we just love, and that will hopefully inspire you….

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5 Elements that you need to consider in your Bedroom!

Good Morning!

So we side stepped a little in our last newsletter to show you one of our latest projects, but we want to go back to the bedroom this week. Bedrooms can be pretty tricky to get right, as there needs to be a balance between functionality, comfort and style. This week we want to look at 5 different elements that you need to consider when designing your bedroom.

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Sleep Inspired!

Good Morning!

So moving out of the bathroom and into the bedroom this week!!!

Your master bedroom should be a sanctuary away from your hectic lifestyle. It should be a grown up space, that you can totally chill out and relax in. Now I’m well aware that this may not be the case for a lot of your out there, but we can dream…..
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Bath vs Shower!

Good morning!

So, over the last few years we have worked on numerous projects that involved a bathroom renovation, and one of the most common dilemmas is; should I get rid of the bath? There are many of us that do not have the luxury of a second bathroom, so we have to fit it all into one. This leaves us with the decision of bath vs shower. I’m hoping to tackle some of the issues and questions around this common dilemma…..

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Somewhere for the Lotions and Potions!

Good morning!

So following on from last weeks newsletter, I want to look at one of the most important elements in a bathroom, that can so often be overlooked… Storage!!!!

Now I agree that there is probably never enough storage in anybodies home but as there are so many elements in our bathrooms, storage tends to be overlooked and only considered at the end of a renovation.
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Bathe in Beauty!

Morning All!!

So you’ll be glad to hear that I am moving on from the kitchen…. The next most disruptive room to renovate is most definitely the bathroom. It is messy and time consuming but oh so worth it. This week, I want to show you some amazing bathrooms that will inspire you and encourage you to think creatively about your bathroom…..
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Beyond the Kitchen Door!

Good afternoon!

So following on from last weeks newsletter, I’m gonna stay in the kitchen….

Now that you’ve done the leg work, or got someone else to do it for you, you need to consider the functionality of the kitchen and how it is going to work for you. There are lots of functional interior fittings that will help maximise the space of your kitchen, but they are costly and you don’t need to have every gadget on the market. 

So we have looked at some of the options out there to try and help you narrow down the options…..
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13 Kitchens that you just have to see!!!

Good Morning!

What a beautiful weekend!!! I hope you all enjoyed the break.

Generally there is quite a bit of interior work also completed when you add an extension to your home and one of the main areas that is upgraded is the kitchen.

This is an investment purchase and one that should not be made lightly. You need to do your research and really understand exactly what you need from your new kitchen. Yes, the overall look and feel of the kitchen is important but the most important thing is that it is functional. Continue reading “13 Kitchens that you just have to see!!!”

5 Reasons to Renovate!

Good Morning!

I’m sorry but how amazing was the weather this weekend???? I hope you all got to enjoy some of the much needed sunshine.

It really is coming in to renovation season, but have you every considered, why would you renovate in the first place?

Many people build extensions or convert attics, thinking that they need the extra space, but maybe the space that they have just needs to be reconfigured. Spatial planning is a very important element when considering how you live in your home and needs to be considered carefully.

So what are the other reasons:

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