Guide to Home Renovation. Part 6: The Kids


So we are moving into the final weeks of our home renovation guide, and this week its all about the kids.

It is really important to give your child a space that stimulates them but also is calm and relaxing. Yes this may sound contradictory but selecting the correct colour scheme and zoning the space will all help to create an amazing bedroom for your little ones.

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Guide to Home Renovation. Week 5: The Bedroom

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So we are moving into the bedroom this week.

Week 5: The Bedroom

For most of us our bedroom is our sanctuary from the stresses of daily life, so it is really important that this space works extra hard for you.

Now, this is a space that really comes down to personal preference. Some of us will want the space to be light and airy while others love the idea of a dark and cosy space.
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10 Ways to have your House looking Pinterest Perfect!

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With all our talk of the perfect colour schemes and new trends, we are going to give you some insight today into how to make your home Pinterest Perfect!!

For most of us out there, Pinterest is the go to place for inspiration, but sometimes it can leave you a bit depressed and green with envy. Well not anymore…..

Here are 10 ideas for you to embrace:

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A View from the Millennium Tower!

The Millennium Tower is a landmark development at Charlotte Quay overlooking Grand Canal Dock in the heart of the Dublin Docklands. Built in 2000, number 47 has stunning views but was in tired condition as in its original condition. The property was sold for €540,000 as an investment property. In its closing condition the rental value was approximately €2,000 per month. Owen Reilly recommended Think Contemporary to the purchaser (an Irish investor living overseas) to fully refurbish the property to target corporate tenants.

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Do you know your style?….Mid Century

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Continuing on with our “know your style” series, we are going to be looking at Mid Century design this week.  Mid Century furniture and design has had somewhat of a revival over the last few year and not just in interiors. We have also seen a strong resurgence in fashion.

I have to say that I am a huge fan of vintage furniture and have indulged in some beautiful pieces for my own home, but whether its here to stay, I’m not quite sure….

Check out some of our favourite mid century inspired interiors:
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A Rainbow of Colour from the Movies!

Good Morning!!!

So this week, I want to continue in the vain of colours but expanding on it a little more. While speaking with a potential client during the week, we discovered a really fantastic resource for colour palettes….movies. And with all the talk of the Oscar nominations this week, it seemed very fitting. However, there is one particular film director that seems to work with colour palettes like no other and that’s Wes Anderson.

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Fancy Sleeping Here?

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Well I hope that you are not tired of the bedroom, as I have one more inspirational newsletter to share with you. We have already looked at some of our favourite bedroom interiors, but on reflection most of these were a bit more on the quirkier side. So, we wanted to have a look at the more contemporary and simple style bedrooms that we just love, and that will hopefully inspire you….

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5 Elements that you need to consider in your Bedroom!

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So we side stepped a little in our last newsletter to show you one of our latest projects, but we want to go back to the bedroom this week. Bedrooms can be pretty tricky to get right, as there needs to be a balance between functionality, comfort and style. This week we want to look at 5 different elements that you need to consider when designing your bedroom.

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Sleep Inspired!

Good Morning!

So moving out of the bathroom and into the bedroom this week!!!

Your master bedroom should be a sanctuary away from your hectic lifestyle. It should be a grown up space, that you can totally chill out and relax in. Now I’m well aware that this may not be the case for a lot of your out there, but we can dream…..
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All is not so in Dundrum!

Good Afternoon!

So we had the opportunity to photograph one of our most exciting residential projects to date this weekend and I thought that you might like to have a look.

This project started in 2012 and was completed at the beginning of the summer this year. There was a considerable amount of planning with this project as our client went through a difficult process of weighing up the pro’s and con’s of putting on an extension. In the end, a full renovation and extension was agreed on.

The house was built in 1950 and with the introduction of a very contemporary extension to the rear, it was very important to our client that the integrity of the original house was not lost. With this in mind we set about designing an interior that bridged the gap between old and new.

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Sleep with Style!

Good Morning,

We have had a very exciting week here in the studio. As you know, we attended the Fit Out Awards last week, having been shortlisted for 4 categories. Well….. we took home the “Fit Out Design Practice of the Year.” We were beyond shocked and delighted, and we would like to thank all of our fantastic clients, because we could not have done it without you.

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Why Ply?

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When we think of using wood in our homes, what comes to mind? Oak, Walnut, Cherry, etc. Well Plywood is the new wood of choice for many design conscience people. This material has been used in the building trade for years, but never in clear sight until fairly recently. Not only has this timber a beautiful grain but it is also a sustainable material. Continue reading “Why Ply?”

Our show house that everyone is talking about!

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So, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the infamous Millers Glen on the news last week. Well we are thrilled to have been the designers for the 2 show houses that launched at the weekend.

Much like the show house that we showed you last week, we were given a brief to create a fresh, contemporary and young interior for first time buyers and young families.

So here’s how the 3 bedroom house turned out….

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One Funky Showhouse!

We were absolutely delighted when Gannon Homes asked us to design the new showhouse for Park Edge, Clongriffin. The brief was to create a contemporary and funky home that would appeal to first time buyers and young families. The houses were launched this weekend, and I think it went down pretty well….

The houses themselves are gorgeous 3 storey 3 bedroom homes, with a dedicated study and fab balcony on the top floor.

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