5 Drool Worthy Cafe’s/Restaurants from around the World!


Today’s consumer is looking for a lot more than they were 10 years ago. It is not good enough to just have great coffee, or great food today, it is about the whole experience and the cafe design is super important.

That is why we are bringing 5 amazing cafe and restaurant projects from around the world to you today. These guys have really hit the nail on the head and are providing more than just a good cuppa!
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Beautiful Serviced Office!

Hey there!!
It gives me great pleasure to show you one of our most recent projects, Office Suites Club, 20 Harcourt St.

Our client had a very clear vision from the get go and having worked extremely close to both Howard and Rachel, we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the project.

There are a lot of intricate details in this project from the bespoke joinery to the stripping back of decades of paint on the window frames to reveal the original timber finish.

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Guide to Home Renovation. Part 6: The Kids


So we are moving into the final weeks of our home renovation guide, and this week its all about the kids.

It is really important to give your child a space that stimulates them but also is calm and relaxing. Yes this may sound contradictory but selecting the correct colour scheme and zoning the space will all help to create an amazing bedroom for your little ones.

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Guide to Home Renovation. Week 2: The Kitchen

Hey there!

So following on from my last blog, we are moving it into the kitchen for this weeks inspiration.

Week 2: The Kitchen
All the time I hear people saying that they want to go for a neutral kitchen because they are afraid that they will tire of it if they opt for a colour. I can totally understand this and lets face it, if and when you decide to change your kitchen, its a pretty big investment. However, your kitchen can still have lots of interest even if you do decide to stay neutral.

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