5 Drool Worthy Cafe’s/Restaurants from around the World!


Today’s consumer is looking for a lot more than they were 10 years ago. It is not good enough to just have great coffee, or great food today, it is about the whole experience and the cafe design is super important.

That is why we are bringing 5 amazing cafe and restaurant projects from around the world to you today. These guys have really hit the nail on the head and are providing more than just a good cuppa!
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Magic in Madrid

Hey there!!

So what is your hotel preference? What do you look for in a hotel when staying abroad?

Personally, I want something contemporary, something colourful and fun with great hotel design details. Of course, it has to have great service and amenities too. But I do like to look for something a little bit different.
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A Rainbow of Colour from the Movies!

Good Morning!!!

So this week, I want to continue in the vain of colours but expanding on it a little more. While speaking with a potential client during the week, we discovered a really fantastic resource for colour palettes….movies. And with all the talk of the Oscar nominations this week, it seemed very fitting. However, there is one particular film director that seems to work with colour palettes like no other and that’s Wes Anderson.

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Steel makes a Break!

Good Morning!

So there’s only one week left and then it’s officially Spring, if you can believe it. It’s also the time of year that a lot of us are thinking about renovating or improving our homes, whether it’s a large project or a small project.

If you are undertaking a large renovation or extension, then one of the materials that you will probably most definitely use will be steel. But have you considered using it in areas other than the construction stage.

Steel and Metal have been fast becoming popular, and people are using steel in more prominent areas, here are some fab examples,

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A visit to the East End!

Good Morning!

So we’ve had a very busy week here in the study, working on lots of exciting projects which we hop to be showing you very soon.

Una, one of the designers here in the office headed over to London at the weekend, and she has come back invigorated, with lots of new ideas and inspiration. So, based on her trip, I am going to take you around some of the cool places that she stayed and visited in Shoreditch, East London.

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